Coulson Harris's Hawks are all descendants of Malcolm and White Wing.

Malcolm, son of the famous Sonora, was bred by Malcolm Edwards.  White Wing was a passage Texas female and Tom's best hunting hawk of that era. All of our pairs are descended from Malcolm and Sonora.

Ten was an amazing, all-purpose, super-tame hawk flown by Jennifer. She is also the hawk with the 24-karat gold talon. Ten is the daughter of Lola and the granddaughter of Malcolm and White Wing. Five of our pairings include Ten's offspring: Isis, Shadow or grand-offspring: Vici, Dragon.

Lola was Jennifer's best falconry bird for many years until she was retired for breeding. Lola is the daughter of Malcolm and White Wing. One of our pairings includes an offspring of Lola's: Rooster.

WD-40 was a fantastic rabbit and jack hawk flown by Dan Pike. Dan also bred her. WD-40 is the daughter of Malcolm and White Wing. Some of her grandchildren are killing roe deer in the Czech Republic. Two of our pairings include an offspring of WD-40's: Rooster and Chaco.


Xenon and Vici

Xenon, out of Zippy and Isis, was Toby Bradshaw falconry bird before being retired for breeding. Xenon excelled at both fur and feather, including jackrabbits. Toby loved hunting with Xenon because he was really a character in the field and got super excited whenever he caught something. Vici, out of Chaco and Shadow, was Toby's best jack hawk ever. She was an aerial, long-range hunter: Vici would spy jacks creeping away at great distances, catching up to them and nail them!  This pair produced 6 young (7-9-2022).

Arrow and Isis

 Arrow has a prominent keel and is very fast. Tom has caught jacks, swamp rabbits, and cottontails as well as birds with him. He is off of Adrian and Cleo (off of My Male and Lola). Isis was Bob Armbruster's best hunting hawk ever. Isis is out of Ten and Ariel. She has exceptional courage, and took an incredible number of jackrabbits and cottontails. This pair produced 4 young in 2022.

Tank and Sky

Tank has a prominent keel and is very fast. He is out of  Adrian and Sage (off of My Male and Lola). Sky was Jenn's best hunting hawk ever, retired for breeding because of a wing injury. Sky is out of Rooster (off of My Male and Lola) and Ariel. She has exceptional eyesight, takes long slips, and is the most aerial female we have ever seen. Banshee and Fay are off of this pair. This pair produced 4 young in 2022.

Boaz and Dragon

Boaz has a prominent keel, is very fast and has great confidence, catching many jacks and swamp rabbits. He was flown by Jeff LeCompte and is off of Adrian and Cleo (off of My Male and Lola). Dragon, flown by Jenn, is out of Milo and Clarice. Dragon excels at jacks. This pair produced 3 young in 2022.

Elvis and Storm

Elvis is a top-notch quail hawk flown by Jamaica Smith. He is out of Refugio (Harry McElroy's famous quail hawk) and Phish (Ten's sister). Storm was flown by Tom Coulson and she is out of Rooster (off of My Male and Lola) and Ariel. An exceptional hare and rabbit hawk, she was retired for breeding after multiple hunting injuries. This pair produced 2 young in 2022.

Chaco and Shadow

Chaco's parents are Jupiter and WD-40. He is Lola's grandson. Shadow (female) is a phenomenal game hawk flown by Toby Bradshaw. This pair produced Vici, the best jack hawk Toby has ever flown. Tom is hunting with Sherry off of this pair and she is quite the hunter: in her first season she surpassed her older team members. The eggs from this pair were infertile in 2022.

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